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Megascolia of Mariupol
Megascolia of Mariupol
Megascolia of Mariupol
Megascolia of Mariupol

Megascolia of Mariupol


Artist:      Shoosty®   Year:     2023

Medium: Duplex Printed Ink on 18mm Silk Twill 

Size:      50” x 50” and 36" x 36"

I recently met a fellow via Zoom. He was speaking to me from Kyiv, Ukraine, having recently got back from the front lines. His home city was Mariupol. It was destroyed and captured by the Russians, February, 20 - May 2022. Before he left he discovered a giant wasp and shared a photo with me. I was touched. I learned it is called a Megascolia or Mammoth Wasp, and is the largest Wasp in Europe. In 1910, my own family emigrated from this same region under duress.

The wasp is a symbol of resilience and courage, a perfect icon for the Ukrainian people who have faced war and oppression. Megascolia of Mariupol is in honor of all soldiers. 

A hand-drawn vector graphic of a fleet of giant wasps as if on a mission stylized with Ukrainian folk patterns. 

“There comes a time in your life when you focus solely on what you believe is right, regardless of what everybody else is doing.”           

       - Alexander McQueen,          Fashion Designer

Wasps symbols and motifs:

a) Ancient Egypt, wasps were associated with royalty and divinity, as they were believed to be born from the tears of Ra, the sun god. 

b) Ancient Greece, wasps were linked to military prowess and civic duty, as they were seen as fierce defenders of their nests and colonies. 

c) China, wasps were considered auspicious animals that brought good luck and prosperity. 

d) Japan, wasps were admired for their loyalty and teamwork, as they cooperated to build their nests and hunt their prey.

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