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Celestial Compass
Celestial Compass
Celestial Compass
Celestial Compass

Celestial Compass


Artist:      Shoosty®     Year:     2023

Medium: Duplex Printed Ink on 18mm Silk Twill 

Size:      36” x 36” 

Description: A hand-drawn vector graphic of a water strider on a circular stage with filigree on both sides. The water strider resembles a compass or a clock. The ability to walk on water is a remarkable feat of nature and physics. 

A Literary Reflection on Water Bugs

Water bugs have appeared in literature from classical times to the present day. Water bugs have been used in literature to represent both positive and negative qualities, such as harmony with nature, resilience, predation, and corruption. 

Water bugs are remarkable for their ability to survive and thrive in various aquatic environments, sometimes even preying on larger animals like fish and frogs. Some authors have used water bugs as metaphors for human survival and evolution in hostile or alien worlds. For example, Frank Herbert (1920-1986), the author of Dune, wrote this passage about a giant water bug:

Water bugs represent harmony in Japanese haiku poetry. For example, Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), one of the most famous haiku poets:

A water strider
Skims over the clear stream
The summer moon

Note - The thin lines of this design are a challenge for printers. They approach the smallest size the printers can reliably print. Finding the edge of your craft is the place where you can find mastery. - Shoosty®


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