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Cardinal Beetle
Cardinal Beetle
Cardinal Beetle
Cardinal Beetle

Cardinal Beetle


Artist:      Shoosty®     Year:     2022

Medium: Duplex Printed Ink / 18mm Silk Twill 

Size:      36” x 36” 

The artwork features a cardinal red beetle with an asymmetrical Art Nouveau pattern on the shell surrounded by an illustrated Victorian frame.

“Cardinal Beetle,” with its fusion of art, fabric, and fashion, can be compared to the bold and innovative designs of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen. McQueen was known for his avant-garde approach to fashion, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms. You can find examples of his work using insects as inspiration. He often incorporated elements of nature, craftsmanship, and storytelling into his designs, creating garments that were visually striking and conceptually rich.

Imagine McQueen’s signature craftsmanship and attention to detail. Elements such as corsetry, intricate handwork, and unexpected embellishments this fabric.

McQueen’s ability to find beauty in unexpected places and to challenge conventional norms of what is considered beautiful. It aligns with Shoosty’s artwork’s use of a beetle as its subject matter, which some may perceive as an unconventional choice for a work of art.

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