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American Hardcase
American Hardcase

American Hardcase


Artist:      Shoosty®     Year:     2023

Medium: Duplex Printed Ink / 18mm Silk Twill 

Size:      36” x 36”  or 50" x 50"

If I was an art historian, I would say that the American Hardcase is a unique piece of Americana art. 

Art historian Frank Whitford once said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” In this case, The artist  has taken a common insect and transformed it into a symbol of American patriotism.

Insects are featured in many famous artists’ portfolios of works. Salvador Dali had a fascination with Ants. In his work of the same title, “The Ants” Dali refers to death and decay, reminders of human mortality and impermanence. 

Shoosty® is idealizing the figures. His figures look strong and capable, kind of a like fleet of spaceships they are both alien and familiar. Both artists have used insects as a way to convey their ideas and messages through their artwork. 

Both artists have also used symbols to convey deeper meanings and messages through their artwork. Both also elicit a deeper meaning that is elusive to the viewer.

To explain his work he coined the phrase ‘ChromaticFusion’ Chromatic refers to the science of color and printing. Fusionism connects technology to the humanities.

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