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The History of Fine Art led us to Impressionism. Impressionism opened the floodgates to all sorts of modern art including Art Nouveau and Art Deco, both very decorative arts. These ideas were then rejected by the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus wanted art that would more easily match industrial production. That is what I am doing with Novatomato. We are extensions of a long history of art leading to these times where a dropshipping factory can work for many artists and doesn’t have to bet the shop on which art or pattern will find the most sales. Whereas, the artist can create an unlimited collection of creative works and push them into a retail-facing site like Shopify for almost no monthly costs. It's genius! 

In the case of my brand Shoosty®, I have thousands of pieces of art that I can easily repurpose using the Novatomato platform. Those pieces took hundreds of hours to create and now suddenly they are given an entirely new and scalable life with the help of fabrics. It is no wonder that we created the tagline, Wear the Art / Be the Movement!

For Shoosty® the idea is to continue to have art shows and leverage them with clothing that matches the art. When people wear the colors, it's their own energy and smiles that carries my work into an entirely new place of imagination.

All of this and I can do it by myself until the sales start to rise and I need help. With Novatomato as a partner, I can’t fail. They are trustworthy and reliable, the materials are first class and the customer service spends quality time with me. 

Please take the time to look at my collection and don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello. I want to help you and I want my art to move, all that takes is for you to love the work and buy a piece for yourself or a loved one. 

Stephen Shooster aka Shoosty®

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Florida Jazz Women’s Back Split Pencil Skirt


Shoosty Bugs White Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt


Ukrainian 2 Wasp Women’s Cropped Crewneck Sweatshirt


Shoosty ® Bugs on Black Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt


Mike Wilson White Buffalo White and Gold Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt


1Florida Live Music Women’s Back Split Pencil Skirt


Shoosty® Bugs Combo Black Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt


Florida Jazz Women's Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt


Florida Jazz Women’s Fit Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt-Heavyweight 225g


Mike Wilson White Buffalo Black and Gold Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt


Florida Jazz Women’s Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt


Florida Jazz Women's Seamless Open Side Tank Top


Florida Jazz Women’s Longline V-Shape-Back Sports Bra


Florida Jazz Women's Classic Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt


Florida Jazz Music Women's Open Back Short-Sleeve T-shirt


Florida Jazz Music Women’s High-Rise Leggings 28"

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