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Intro Speech: Shoosty Gallery Opening at The Deerfield Beach Historical Society

Intro Speech: Shoosty Gallery Opening at The Deerfield Beach Historical Society

Welcome to the Historical Society's Museum and Cultural Center Museum. Thank you so much for coming. We've had a number of our exhibits here. And none of 'em has been any more exciting than this one.

I've known Steven Scher for probably 10 years, maybe some tea. And matter of fact, Steve did a exhibit at our old school house, the very first show about 15, 20 years ago. He has grown in his artistic talents and his collection over the years till it's gotten to a point where he's one of the most prolific artists.

And his, I was just mentioning to these folks over here, he's got a style that once you see it now you say, that's a Steven Schuster . That's a chu. That's a chu. He could tell us more about, he has been so generous to us. He has offered to auction off this piece right here. For the benefit of the Deerfield beaches.

Hundred percent Society. A hundred percent. Yeah. So anyway, I want to say a few words. Mr. . Steven sister,

first of all, I want to welcome everybody and I want to tell you the subtitle for the show because otherwise it could be a slight problem. It is Wet Paint and Alan is standing right in front of I Remember The Heart, right? That Little Heart is brand new and. And this painting here was started on a Friday of last week and completed by Tuesday.

So it is soaking wet. I just wanna thank y'all for being here. I have, believe it or not, three shows within the la within the next two weeks, all at the same time with all different themes. I don't know if you can hear me back there. You want to come in? There's lots of room.


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